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Toddler Series

Product number:ty01

Category: Childcare Space

  • Description
  • Feeling Love and Freedom

    1. Love——create an equal and reasonable emotional support environment for children

    Children who experience belonging know “I am loved”; children who experience control know “I can succeed” ; children who experience independence know "I can make decisions"; children who experience generosity know "I have a purpose in life".

    2. Freedom——provide a space for children to grow independently and freely

    “freedom” means development possibilities. Create an interactive environment for children that can comply with his developmental laws and satisfy his various desires for exploration.

    Hikelen Nursery Space is specially designed for infants and toddlers in nursery schools. The design fully considers the age of infants and conforms to their physical and mental development characteristics. Create doll's home, hand-eye coordination area, etc., reasonable combination, scientific separation, guide children to perceive life, adapt to life, and prepare for entering kindergarten.

    • Baby Bear Series

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